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Houdini Basics – Lights

The tutorial is the introductory part of my Advanced Lighting in Houdini that you can get from here: http://training.adrianlazar.com/advanced-lighting-in-houdini/

Hi guys,
This free tutorial is a basic introduction to Lights in SideFX Houdini. I also talk about a few parameters for shaders and render that are affecting the way light works.

This 80 minutes tutorial is aimed towards beginners or to people unfamiliar with how lights work in Houdini. You will still need to be familiar with the user interface and how to navigate in the viewport.

Also, it has voice :-)

Advanced Lighting in Houdini

Moved here: http://training.adrianlazar.com/advanced-lighting-in-houdini/

Creating a Plant Pot in Houdini

Hi all,
I recorded a short video tutorial creating a plant pot in SideFx Houdini.
It shows the modeling, the shading and a very basic rendering stage. It was a live recording and if sometimes it feels slow that’s because I had to resize Houdini to 1280×720 and work in this small size = no fun.
It doesn’t have any voice over but from time to time short tips are displayed on screen.

This plant is just one of the assets I am currently creating for Class Dismissed, a short film I’m making with a friend of mine.

Hope you like it!