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Houdini Basics – Lights

The tutorial is the introductory part of my Advanced Lighting in Houdini that you can get from here: http://training.adrianlazar.com/advanced-lighting-in-houdini/

Hi guys,
This free tutorial is a basic introduction to Lights in SideFX Houdini. I also talk about a few parameters for shaders and render that are affecting the way light works.

This 80 minutes tutorial is aimed towards beginners or to people unfamiliar with how lights work in Houdini. You will still need to be familiar with the user interface and how to navigate in the viewport.

Also, it has voice :-)

Soon: Shading in Houdini

I’m getting closer to release a new, Free SideFx Houdini Training Video.
During 2 hours I’m going to show you how versatile Mantra Surface Shader is and to do it I’m building no less than 26 materials for different types of wood, glass, concrete, metal, paint etc.

Sneak peek of the new free training: Houdini Shading with Mantra Surface Shader